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About Us: Who Are Can Pets Eat and What do we do?

Can Pets Eat is a unique project created with pets and pet owners in mind. This site contains a wealth of informative guides on pets, nutrition and more. We answer the questions that desperate pet owners have been asking, helping them to keep their pets safe.

What You Will Find on Can Pets Eat

The site was launched in the middle of 2017 with dozens of top articles and tens of thousands of words. Since then we have been adding more content, branching out into more areas, and continuing to provide an essential source of quality information for pet owners worldwide. The foundation of the site concerns pet health and nutrition.

You will find articles relating to the best diet to feed specific pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc., These are some of the biggest and most detailed pages on the site. These pages don’t discuss specific foods in great detail though. For that, we have hundreds of smaller pages where you can find out whether certain foods are okay to give to your pet, based on the type of pet, its size and health status, the type of food, the amount of the food, and more.

We’ll even tell you whether cooking or serving raw makes any difference; whether it can eat the skin, the seeds, the husk or the bones; and much more.

It is a comprehensive site and it’s one that will take you may weeks to search through. Because of that, the only real way to use this site is to stick with the search function. Just punch in the food that you’re looking to learn more about, the type of pet you have, or the issue that you’re looking to address.

Worried why your dog is throwing up undigested food or why your cat is acting in a certain way? Just punch the question into the search bar and see what comes up. This site is built to answer your questions and there are many questions it can answer. So, start asking and see what we have to say.

What is the Purpose of Can Pets Eat?

The main goal of this website is to answer questions that you can’t find anywhere and to do so in a clear and straightforward way. In doing this we hope to make it easier for you to care for your pets and to provide them with a better diet. This will help you keep them healthier, which in turn will make you happier.

If you adore your pets as much as we adore ours, then you will not be happy unless they are happy. You will not relax until you know they are healthy. And you will be devastated if anything happens to them as a result of poor health. So, Can Pets Eat was created for your sake and for theirs. And when you’re happy and they’re happy, then we’re happy as well.

In the future, we would like to use Can Pets Eat to help out in other ways too. This is a site that we think will benefit pets and pet owners around the word; a site that has potential to do a lot of good; and a site that will always be ready to give back to the animals we write about and the animals you care for.

Who Are the Can Pets Eat Team?

Can Pets Eat is a Compulsion Media brand, which means it is part of a larger network of sites created with the goal of providing essential info across a wide range of subjects. Can Pets Eat has a special place in the Compulsion Media portfolio, created off the back of the owners’ passion for pets and their welfare.

They created some of the initial content and they also hired several other writers, making sure they only worked with animal lovers and pet owners with years of experience. The current Can Pets Eat team consists of the following:

  • PJ: The owner of Can Pets Eat, PJ has owned pets for as long as he can remember and helped to piece together the sections on rabbits, cats and several small animals. He has owned many different pets and is currently the proud parent to two loving cats and several rabbits.
  • Suzie: An animal lover and Jill of all trades, Suzie has worked tirelessly to make sure Can Pets Eat has plenty of content. Her work can be seen across most sections of this website, including pages relating to dogs and birds.
  • Maggie: These days Maggie is devoted to her grandchildren, but she also has several pets of her own and several more that her children and grandchildren own. She helped to bring together the content on guinea pigs and also contributed to many other pieces.
  • Alfonso: As the go-to designer and coder for Can Pets Eat, Alfonso has helped to make sure this site continues to run. He helped to upload it in the first place and he is constantly working in the backend to keep things flowing smoothly.
  • More: There are also writers, editors, researchers, designers and other contractors who work for Can Pets Eat on a part-time basis. They come and go and don’t remain part of the team for long, but their expertise is appreciated just as much and they work just as hard.

More Information

If you want more information on Can Pets Eat and/or the Can Pets Eat team, then you can get in touch via the Contact Us page. We are always happy to hear requests and to answer questions directly on the site. But if you are contacting us to enquire about advertising or sponsorship, then please read the guidelines on the contact page first.

If you want to write for us, then keep reading.

Joining Us

Here at Can Pets Eat we are always looking for new writers who can help us to expand the content on this site. If you think you can help us out then we would be happy to hear from you. The content needs to be relevant, and it needs to be original. In other words, it should not have been published anywhere on the internet and it should not have already been covered here on Can Pets Eat. So, take a look around, get a feel for the site’s content and then get in touch with us through the Write For Us page.

As well as a contact form where you can send us snippets of you work, you will always find further details on the sort of work that we are looking for. Just a little tip: if you want to standout from the slush pile, then make sure you follow these closely. Our editors will ignore anything that doesn’t meet these guidelines as it shows that the writer hasn’t read them and clearly hasn’t read the site’s content either.

Anyone who follows these guidelines to the letter will always receive a reply and they will always stand a better chance of being accepted to work with the team at Can Pets Eat.