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Cat Breeds with Blue Eyes (Big, Beautiful Blue Eyed Kittens and Cats)

Cat Breeds with Blue Eyes

There is no shortage of cats on the internet and you can find them in all shapes, sizes and colors. A search for terms like “cat breeds with blue eyes” will bring up its own sub culture of online cat lovers, sharing images and doting over blue eyed kittens. But which breeds have blue eyes? That’s what we’ll look to cover in this guide.

All of these cat breeds have blue eyes. If it’s size or fur you’re interested in, you should also check out our Fluffy Cat Breeds and Rare Cat Breeds articles. There are even a few cat breeds that can be found on several of our top lists.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 1: Siamese

This is technically where most cat breeds with blue eyes hail from. The Siamese is a very old breed and one that has spawned many different breeds. The blue eyes are one of the things that these cats retain from their Siamese ancestors. So, for the original and best, look no further than the Siamese.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 2: Birman

This cat is defined as a “semi-long haired” breed. There are many different shades of Birman, which makes them one of the most popular cat breeds with blue eyes. There are pet owners actively looking to find the perfect shade to match the cat’s blue eyes, no doubt looking to match their sofa and their living room carpet to it as well.

Look, we get the obsession with blue eyed cats, as well as long, short or no-hair cats, but this is a little extreme. It’s an animal, not an accessory.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 3: Himalayan

As mentioned above, all cat breeds with blue eyes come from the Siamese and this is one of them. The Himalayan is a blue eyed cat that resulted from a cross between two of the oldest cat breeds in the world, the Persian and the Siamese. It’s as elegant, beautiful and proud as you can imagine, with blue eyes to set everything off.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 4: Oriental Shorthair

A strange looking cat with blue eyes and big ears, this is an exotic cat in name and appearance. It’s somewhat of a rare breed and has rodent features that are more noticeable when it is a kitten, but also remain when it is an adult. They tend to have big and long bodies, with much smaller heads, aiding with the somewhat alien appearance that these cats have.

These cans can be a variety of colors and patterns, with the majority being a full white color. It is also known as the Foreign White Cat and came about when a cat lover saw an image of a Siamese that was overdeveloped, meaning the cat looked a little different. Upon realizing it was a photography issue and not the way the cat looked, she decided to try and breed such a cat into existence and she managed just that.

So, if you thought that this cat looked a bit like a Photoshopped Siamese, then now you know why. Because technically, it is the living embodiment of just that.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 5: Balinese

Also known as a long-haired Siamese, this is another blue eyed cat that hails from those proud and beautiful blue eyed ancestors. It actually borrows many traits from the Siamese, including the many different colors. They are very friendly, but they can also be talkative. In fact, some of them will never shut up. And as an owner of a cat that also likes to chat a lot, it can get a little annoying.

Still, when they’re so cute, it’s hard to stay annoyed for long.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 6: Ragdoll

Cat Breed with Blue Eyes

This is a super-soft cat that you will want to cuddle into all day long. They tend to be a little on the large side, but they are kind natured and sweet, which makes them the perfect cat to cuddle into. Also, as you can guess from them being included on this list, they have gorgeous blue eyes!

As we have mentioned before when discussing this blue eyed cat breed, it’s important to keep them indoors. You should really do that with all cats (making sure they get exercise and play, of course) but it is especially important here because they are not made for the outdoors. They are definitely not streetwise cats and will not last for long.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 7: Javanese

This breed is a close relation of both the Siamese and the Balinese, both of which we discussed above. They bear many similarities to these two breeds, as you would expect, and are similar in looks and in nature. Their colors include lynx and tortoiseshell, as well as an off-white color.

This breed can also be known as the Colorpoint Shorthair. They tend to be long and thin, almost with a look of a wild, exotic cat to them.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 8: Snowshoe

Best Cat Breeds with Blue Eyes

The Snowshoe is a super-cute cat that is so-named because of its “snow shoes”. Basically, it has full white paws.

These blue eyed cats are as sweet as they are beautiful. They are very affectionate and, like the Ragdoll, they are best suited as indoor, cuddly cats. in other words, don’t let these guys outside because they probably won’t be able to handle themselves on those mean streets.

They are laid back, cool characters, but put them in a risqué situation with an angry feline and/or dog, and they’ll change in a heartbeat. That’s why it is best to let these guys live the easy life. It’s what they were made for. In fact, it’s what most cats were made for.

Blue Eyed Cat Breed 9: Turkish Angora

A very fluffy and very cute cat, the Turkish Angora has a fur that is much thicker and much softer than many other cats on this list. Its colors include a full-white, and that whiteness, along with the bright blue eyes, make this one of the most strikingly beautiful cats you will ever see. It is a very majestic cat, fit for a role in a fantasy film.