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Fluffy Cat Breeds and Kittens (Super Soft, Furry, Cute Cats)

Fluffy Cat Breeds

If you’re looking for a cuddly cat then this list of fluffy cat breeds can help you pick the perfect feline. This list includes cat breeds that are playful and sweet, breeds that are timid and feisty; calm and energetic. But the one thing that they all have in common is that their fur is thick, soft and fluffy.

Maine Coon

This deserves to be on all lists of fluffy cat breeds, because they do not come much fluffier than the Maine Coon. We have covered this breed before, as it made our list for the most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK. And as you might have guessed, its fluffiness and cuddliness is the main reason it is so popular in that country and indeed all over the world.

Haling from the New England region, this is a cat that is built for cold weather and that means a lot of thick, hardy fur. It is the ultimate feline teddy bear. Just make sure you give it plenty of toys and that you do some catification in your home, because this cat is also adventurous and it loves to explore.

These cats are large, so keep that in mind. They can weigh as much as 18 pounds in fact, which is the size of a small dog, never mind a fluffy cat!

British Shorthair

Another cat that we covered in the list mentioned above, this is a top breed of cat that is as gorgeous as it is fluffy. It has a beautiful color, a grey/blue that is not exactly unique to the breed, but it still beautiful and rare.

This breed is also very friendly and makes for the perfect companion. So, if you love fluffy cat breeds don’t give this one a miss. It may not look as fluffy as some of the others discussed on this page, but wait until you get you cuddle in with these cuties.


Fluffy Kitten Breeds

This fluffy cat breed has the look of a longhaired fox. It does by the name “Somali”, but it is also described as a “long-haired Abyssinian”. They have large, almond-shaped eyes and impressive bushy tails, further adding to the fox aesthetic.

Their fine hairs make their coat soft and super-fluffy and they are also multicolored. You wouldn’t think it to look at them from a distance, but get up close and you will see that each Somali cat breed has between 4 colors and more than 20 colors on each hair. These different shades and colors create one of the most beautiful and unique coats you will ever see.

As far as actual overall colors of Somali cats go, there are over 2 dozen different types, with many shades of grey and brown amongst them.

Exotic Shorthair

This is by far one of the most popular cat breeds in the world today, one that consistently tops lists for the cutest and the fluffiest. Of all fluffy cat breeds this is probably the quietest, with a sweet nature and a very timid temperament.

It is not as big as some other fluffy at breeds mentioned here and like the Maine Coon it originated in the United States, where it is at its most popular.

Norwegian Forest Cat

A beautiful cat that has a fitting name and one that you can imagine patrolling the tall and grand forests of Norway, stalking its prey and establishing dominance over all. It is a majestic beast and also a strong and healthy one, as it has one of the longest life spans of any of these fluffy cat breeds, with an average of between 12 and 16 years.

The cats are very curious and very intelligent. If raised properly and given plenty of stimulation they can be very affectionate and friendly, just like any cat breed really.


A fluffy cat breed that is also hypoallergenic is a rare find, but this fits into both of those descriptions. As with Hypoallergenic Dogs, this description is a little misleading. All cats—just like all dogs—will shed. However, animals that fall into this category have been bred to shed very little. They also tend to have shorter and finer hairs that don’t trigger allergies as much as other animals would, although that really isn’t the case with the Cymric.

This cat has a lifespan of just 8 to 14 years, but it is loyal, playful and friendly. It is also worth noting that some experts don’t even consider the Cymric to be a separate breed and simply classify it as a long-haired version of the Manx cat breed. Still, it’s definitely deserving of a mention on a list of fluffy cat breeds and this is where it’ll stay.

Brazilian Shorthair

Fluffiest Cat Breeds

This is a very fluffy and cuddly cat. It’s a little rarer than the other cats on this fluffy cat breeds list, but it is moderately priced and it is also a strong and healthy cat breed. In fact, its official lifespan is listed as between 14 and 20 years, which is practically unheard of for a pure breed.

This fluffy cat breed is also said to be good with dogs and potentially with kids, but it is not a lap cat. It’s medium to large in size and it likes to explore and to play, so don’t expect it to rock-up, sit on your lap and let you cuddle into its thick fur all day. If that’s what you’re looking of then a British Shorthair or an Exotic Shorthair is better suited.

Turkish Van

This is an intelligent breed of cat that lives between 12 and 17 years on average and is incredibly loyal. The Turkish Van makes for a great companion for anyone who lives alone and anyone looking for a furry friend. And of course, it also has a thick and fluffy coat.

It is relatively cheap, averaging just $250 and it’s usually as good with kids as it is with adults, providing they are over the age of 10, as any younger children may alarm this typically confident cat and send it into its shell.

The Turkish Van breed can also be very vocal and it is known to be somewhat talkative at night, so keep that in mind if you prefer you peace and quite or if a noisy animal will cause issues with neighbors or family members.