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Popular Cat Breeds in the UK: Best British Breeds

Popular Cat Breeds in the UK

As we have already covered here on Cat Pets Eat, there are hundreds of different cat breeds out there. But which ones do pet owners favor in the UK? Which popular cat breeds outnumber all others in this country?

We have a diverse readerbase on CPE and we also have writers from both the UK and US. So, it’s with great interest that we cover Popular Cat Breeds in the UK and if you’re interested on seeing how they do things on the other side of the pond, check Popular Cat Breeds in the United States.

5. Maine Coon

This is an American cat breed that has remained as one of the most popular breeds in the UK for a number of years. There is something about this adventurous hunter that everyone seems to love in the United Kingdom. It’s probably got something to do with their super-fluffy coat, as they are a true fluffy cat breed and one that we have discussed a few times already here on Can Pets Eat.

4. The Persian

A proud, prim and proper cat, the Persian is popular all over the world. It is the poodle of cat breeds and that’s why it is one of the most popular cat breeds in the UK. They are cute as kittens and refined as adults. They have thick and fluffy fur and can also be cuddly, although they are good hunters as well.

The Persian cat is not as popular as it once was and it has slipped down this list somewhat over the years. However, it’s still up there as a top ten cat breed in most countries and in the UK cat lovers can’t get enough of it.

Because they are from New England, one of the coldest regions in the United States, these cats are also well adapted to the UK climate.

3. The Ragdoll

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the UK
This cat breed began in the United States, but it is now one of the most popular cat breeds in the United Kingdom. These are lap-cats and are very cuddly and sweet.

We personally believe that all cats should be kept indoors (as long as your home is catified), but we understand that not everyone is of the same mindset and we’re okay with that. However, if your cat is a ragdoll then you might want to think twice.

These cats are not at all streetwise and by letting it roam free you could be putting it at risk. In most cases, outdoor cats are more dangerous to the wildlife than themselves, but this cat may be more of a risk to itself.

The best place for this popular cat breed is curled up on the sofa with its owner not too far away. They are great for introducing to other cats and animals and they may even work well with (calm and responsible) kids and dogs. See our Best Dogs for Kids article to see if you can find a good companion for them.

2. Bengal

The Bengal cat isn’t too far removed from wild cats and this comes through in the way they look and the way they act. They are beautiful, with gorgeous markings and a lithe, active form reminiscent of bigger and more ferocious felines in the wild.

However, the Bengal also needs plenty of exercise. Far too often owners just don’t give them the exercise and care they need, treating them like lap-cats and hoping they will just sleep and be cuddled all day. That’s jut not how these feisty felines operate.

They need stimulation. They need play and they need plenty of stimulation. If you don’t provide it then you will likely have an aggressive, under-stimulated cat on your hand. That’s not good at the best of times, but when it’s a Bengal cat then it can be particularly troublesome.

Now one of the most popular cat breeds in the UK, the Bengal has only recently started to become a common feature in the homes of cat owners up and down the country. You don’t have to go back very far to find a time when these cats numbered in the hundred across the entire country.

These cats can be mischievous, quick and secretive. They might not do too well with other pets, including guinea pigs and rabbits, as they are hunters by nature and if these other pets are not introduced to them as kittens then they might see them as prey. So, take it easy and introduce them slowly if you want your animals to live in perfect harmony.

1. British Shorthair

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the United Kingdom

Obviously, the most popular cat breed in the UK is actually the tabby, which is a mixture of breeds. These cats are not as prized by many cat owners, but they can be genetically superior and more resistant to diseases and disorders, because these are naturally bred out of them by the process of natural selection, as opposed to being purposely bred into them as with pure breeds.

We digress though and the truth is we love all cats, tabby or pure breed. When you focus purely on the latter, as we have done in this article, then the most popular cat breed in the UK is the British Shorthair. This has actually been in close competition with the Bengal over the years and at one point or another both have earned the status of the most popular UK breed of cat.

But the British shorthair is a little more traditional and you could say a little more patriotic. This cat breed began in the United Kingdom and it remains its most popular home to this day. It is blue/grey in color and has a thick, lush coat. They are great for cuddles and they are also very affectionate, which means thy are not the sort to run away from you at the slightest human contact. Although, truth be told, all cats can be affectionate and sweet if they are raised with plenty of close contact and they are given their own place in the home.

Just ask Jackson Galaxy, our own personal cat hero and a man who deserves all of the praise he gets for his work with the beautiful creatures.