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Rare Cat Breeds (Unique Kittens and Adults; The Rarest Breeds)

Rare Cat Breeds

This list of rare cat breeds takes a look at the rarest and most unique cats around, focusing on those that are hard to find but very sought after. These cats were bred from Canada to the UK and Russia, and they include shorthair, longhair and even one that can not be defined as either of those!

So, if you’re looking for something special, take a look at these rare cat breeds. If you prefer to choose your new feline based on eye color or fur, then check with our Fluffy Cat Breeds article or our Cat Breeds with Blue Eyes.

Egyptian Mau

This is one of the most unique of rare cat breeds on this list, because it holds a very special record. It is the fastest domestic feline in the world, clocking in at a total of 30 miles per hour, which is, well, a lot. You probably heard that cats were revered in Ancient Egypt and these are the cats that people revered so much.

Not really surprising when you think about it. They have a very wild look to them, with fierce eyes and an expression that constantly looks like you did something to annoy it. Add the super fast speed to that and you have a cat that even we would be a little scared of.

Devon Rex

This rare cat breed was bred into existence in the United Kingdom, but unlike the British Shorthair and other fluffy cat breeds, this one doesn’t have much hair for you to snuggle into. It’s a shorthair and it also has a smushed-up face, with a rather flat head and big ears.

These cats are also very mischievous and are known for being little pranksters. They are constantly looking for attention and will be as devilish as it takes to get that attention. They also look like little feline elves, which is as cute as it sounds.


This cat doesn’t have any hair. It is one of the strangest rare cat breeds on this list, and in existence. It has big eyes and a wrinkly body. It is rather well known, but only because it is so unique. This is basically what a cat looks like when it doesn’t have any fur, as most of the alien-like appearance of the Sphynx is down to the fact that there is not an inch of fur on it.

In fact, save for some short whiskers, there isn’t much more than wrinkled skin on this rare breed. The same goes for the Cornish Rex, which is also a hairless cat and a rare breed of cat at that. Unlike the Sphynx, which was bred in Canada, the Cornish Rex comes from the United Kingdom, like several, other rare breeds of cats on this list.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat has featured on a few of our lists here on Can Pets Eat. As well as this Rare Cat breeds list, we also included it on our Fluffy Cat Breed list, on account of the fact that it has incredibly long hair all over its body, from its plump face to its bushy tail. This cat, as the name suggests, hails from the cold climate of Norway, which is why it needs all of that fur.

It was built to climb trees, to survive the harsh climate and be the king of its own jungle. They are tough and are said to have been friends of the Vikings, who took the cats with them on their voyages across Europe. They are also incredibly beautiful and big, which is why this is one of the most sought after rare cat breeds in the world right now. Just be prepared to pay a pretty penny if you want your very own.

Kurilian Bobtail

Hailing from the cold climates of Russia and Japan, these fluffy, furry and super-cute cats are expert rodent hunters. Mice don’t stand a chance around these guys. In fact, they are expert hunters in general and anything that is small and scuttles needs to watch itself around them. They have even been known to bring down dogs and bear cubs when they hunt in packs, which is a statement you don’t read every day.

They are very popular in Russia because of this ferociousness, but as you would expect from cat featuring on a list of Rare Cat Breeds, they are rare and therefore not cheap.

British Shorthair

One of our personal favorite felines, this one is not as rare as you might think, but it’s still deserving of a place on this list. They are more common in the United Kingdom, where they were first bred, but you can still find them everywhere else, including the United States.

Their shorthair means they don’t leave too much hair around the place. They are also very cute, very cuddly and very sweet natured. They are one of the most popular cat around and as we discussed in our Popular Cats in the UK article, they are always in the top two in their country of origin.

Japanese Bobtail

Best Rare Cat Breeds

These cute and playful cats were given a big job in Ancient Japan, which is where they were first bred. They were tasked with bringing the rodent population under control and they managed to do just that. They were bred for their hunting skills and they are nimble and quick. They are also ferocious when they need to be, but rarely around humans.

It is actually this rare cat breed that went on to inspire the Hello Kitty franchise. So, not only did they have an important job in ancient times, but they have continued their legend in the modern age.


These cat have thick and long fur. They shed like crazy though and if you have your own Siberia then you can expect to be finding a lot of fur around the house. However, they are considered to be hypoallergenic because they do not have the chemical in their saliva that causes allergic reactions in humans. So, when they lick their fur and this sheds everywhere, it shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions.

That’s the theory anyway, but you still need to be careful, especially if you have severe allergic reactions.