Somali Cat

Somali Cat

For those who love the elegant look of a longhaired cat but want a feline that has an athletic build and the confidence to match it, the Somali cat is a breed worth considering. The somali cat is a long-haired relative of the Abyssinian short-haired cat.

A masked face, large ears, bushy tail and a full ruff give the Somali cat that exotic cat appearance. The coat of a Somali Cat is typically a mixture of fawn coloring, red, ruddy, or blue. The underside of the coat is typically lighter and more solid in coloring.

  • Somali Cat Height: 19 to 24 inches
  • Somali Cat Lifespan: 9 to 13 years
  • Other Names: Long-Haired Abyssinian, Fox Cat
  • Somali Cat Price: $400 to $600

Somali Cat Basics

The Somali Cat is a very beautiful cat, of medium size, and typically a “ticked” or “agouti” coat which means each hair can have bands of color. Their fluffy, plumed tails and coat colors resemble that of a fox, hence the nickname Fox Cat. Their coats are often longer around the hind legs, stomach, and neck. Their coats are long and silky but require only moderate grooming. The shape of their eyes is more almond shaped and can be copper or even vibrant green.

Somali Cat Temperament

Intelligent and alert with an enthusiasm for life and always keen to play. Somali Cats do very well as companions for people. The Somali cat does everything to the extreme, whether it’s climbing, jumping or playing. This curiosity can be greatly entertaining for people but it can be challenging to keep up with the energy of the Somali cat.

Be prepared for your Somali Cat to try and investigate anything and everything new that catches their attention. They love to play and will demand to be the center of attention so be prepared to provide a supply of cat toys to keep your Somali Cat occupied when you need your space. The Somali Cat loves heights and will try to get as high as possible so invest in tall cat trees or ceiling level cat walks if feasible.

Somali Cats do great as long as they have attention or a companion. They can be destructive if they get bored and are left to amuse themselves. Owners who spend long periods of the day away from home may want to get a companion pet to keep their Somali Cat content.

Somali Cat Price

The Somali Cat costs between $400 to $600 whether a kitten or adult. Price can be impacted by bloodlines but make sure you get the proper paperwork from your breeder, especially if you intend to show your Somali Cat. In the ring, the Somali Cat is a delight to watch. The Somali Cat breed has been recognized by CFA since 1979 and since then there have been numerous Grand Champion Somali Cats and Grand Premiers in the show ring in recent years.

Somali Cat Pros and Cons


  • Can be trained to fetch and walk on a leash
  • Fairly easy to groom
  • Loves to be with people
  • Very intelligent
  • Very playful
  • Great choice for families with children


  • Can be ornery
  • Moderate shedding
  • Will not be obedient right away
  • Can be destructive when bored due to curiosity not malice
  • Does best with a companion in homes with owners who are gone a lot

Somali Cat Life Span

The normal lifespan of a cat is typically four to five years although many people have cats who live much longer. The average lifespan for the Somali Cat who lives indoors only is twelve to eighteen years. In fact, for indoor Somali Cats, it’s not unheard of for a Somali Cat to live more than twenty years. One of the oldest living Somali Cats was twenty-eight years old.

Somali Cat Health Issues and Genetic Problems

Somali Cats have been said to be a generally healthy type of cat, but just like many other breeds, these cats may be prone to some health problems. Somali Cats have been known to have issues with, early-onset periodontal disease, hyperesthesia syndrome, patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy, pyruvate amyloidosis, myasthenia gravis, and renal amyloidosis. This doesn’t mean that all Somali Cats will have these health issues, it is just a possibility.

Grooming your Somali Cat is fairly simple, you can use a stainless-steel comb to take away the dead hair once or twice a week. When your Somali is shedding their winter coat you can comb their hair daily or try and give your cat a bath to get the hair off more quickly. It’s recommended that you brush your Somali Cat’s teeth daily, but brushing weekly is better than nothing at all.

Somali Cat Kittens

Somali Cat Price
Somali kittens are generally available from most breeders at around twelve to sixteen weeks old. Kittens who are more than twelve weeks old should already have their basic shots and should be able to adjust to a new environment. If your Somali kitten is kept indoors, you will need to provide adequate surfaces for scratching and spay or neuter your kitten if you do not intend to breed it.

Somali Cat Rescue

Wherever you choose to purchase your Somali feline, make sure you visit the vet afterwards to make sure your new cat is healthy. Your vet can then set up a healthy diet and help you avoid any other future health problems.

Adopting from a shelter or Somali Cat rescue center is a great option in many ways. Not only do you get a cat for your family, but you have now saved that cat’s life by giving it a good home. Now that you’ve taken a cat, there is now an available spot for another cat that needs a warm place and food. The Somali Club’s rescue system is available online and can help you with finding a suitable cat, you can also search for other Somali rescue centers in your area.