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Can Cats Eat Carrots? (Raw, Cooked; Healthy or Not)

Can Cats Eat Carrots

Those delicious orange vegetables aren’t just for rabbits, your cats can eat carrots too. So yes, cats are carnivorous animals which means they rely on meat and the protein in it to survive. But many cats will eat carrots if offered. In fact, many cats love carrots.

Read on to find out more about these healthy vegetables and how best to prepare them for your feline friend.

Can Cats Eat Carrots Raw?

When making a decision about whether cats can eat carrots raw, you have to consider the fact that carrots can be a serious choking hazard for your cat. It’s a tough root vegetable and very fibrous. So, if you’re going to feed your cats carrots, it’s probably best that you don’t give them raw carrots.

Always pay attention when chopping carrots for salads or soups. Make sure no pieces get onto the floor where you cat might be able to get to it. Chances are if your cat does get a piece of raw carrot, they will bat it around the floor for a bit before trying to eat it. If you are worried that your cat has eaten raw carrots and has a piece lodged in their throat, contact your local vet as soon as possible for help.

Can Cats Eat Carrots Cooked?

We told you that cats can eat carrots and they can. But the best way is for cats to eat carrots cooked rather than raw. If you can get your hands on some fresh carrots and bake them, your cat will be forever grateful. Boiling carrots will work too though, as long as they are cooked thoroughly enough to be mashed so as not to be a choking hazard.

Once you choose to let your cats eat carrots cooked, do not add any spices or seasonings to your carrots. There are many spices and other ingredients, such as raisins, grapes, garlic, and onions, that are toxic for cats. Symptoms of toxicity in cats can be delayed as much as 48 hours or longer.

This means your cat could become sick several days after eating baked carrots with a toxic ingredient in them. If your cat begins exhibiting any symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or drooling, get assistance from your local veterinarian as quickly as possible.

How Much Carrots Can Cats Eat?

As we’ve mentioned, cats are carnivorous. The exact term when speaking about feline diet is obligate carnivorous. This means that unlike dogs, cats rely on meat and protein to survive. Dogs could live without meat in their diet, cats cannot. Without meat and protein, cats would die very early in their lifespan. In fact, your cat should have a primarily meat and protein diet in order to remain healthy and happy.

For this reason, if you choose to let your cats eat carrots, you don’t want to make carrots or any non-meat foods a huge part of their diet. The occasional treat of a baked carrot mashed is plenty to keep your cat happy and satisfied.