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Contact Can Pets Eat: Sponsorship, Questions and Support

If you have a question to put to our experts here at Can Pets Eat, then this is the page for you. Here you can contact our writers, researchers and editors and talk put your question to them. However, they’re very busy people, so before you get in touch please check the guidelines below. This is a short FAQ that might be able to answer your question before you submit.

Advertising: We’re always happy to consider advertising opportunities. If you want to discuss placing some sponsored posts or banners on the Can Pets Eat site then contact us and ask away. However, please do not contact us with offers of affiliates. We look for these ourselves and try to only work with companies we like and trust. We have received offers from affiliate managers before, and while we appreciate it, we’re just not interested.

Question for Site: If you have a question that you would like to appear on Can Pets Eat, then contact us and select the appropriate option. We are happy to consider questions and to write out the answer. However, we can not respond to all questions in this manner, so we can’t make any promises.

Writing for us: If you would like to join the team then please use the Write For Us page instead. The contact form below goes to a different place than the Write For Us form. The latter also has guidelines that we need you to follow and if you submit through here it means you haven’t followed them, which is why all writing submissions sent through this contact page are ignored.

Issues: If you notice a problem with the site then please do let us know. We have worked hard to get this site to the level it is currently at. A lot of content has been published in a short time and that can cause a few mistakes and glitches to slip through the net. So, we would appreciate some assistance!

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