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Can Dogs Eat Cheetos? (Chips, Crisps and Other Human Junk Food)

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?

Who doesn’t love the combination of cheese and crunch that comes with Cheetos? If you enjoy this tasty snack or if like me you crave it, then you may wonder whether dogs can eat Cheetos too.

Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?

You probably already know that Cheetos are not a healthy snack for humans so it comes as no surprise to find out that it’s not a good idea for dogs to eat Cheetos either. Even if you disregard the mess that dogs will make trying to eat cheese powdered covered Cheetos in your living room, there are health reasons to keep your dog from eating Cheetos.

Even though Cheetos are unhealthy for humans, many people still eat them. And just like humans, your dog will still want to eat Cheetos even if you try to stop him.

Can Cheetos Make My Dog Sick?

Like any junk food, Cheetos can make some dogs sick (same goes for cats). But other dogs can eat them without a problem. But Cheetos are loaded with MSG and cornmeal, neither of which are nutritious for your dog. This means by feeding him Cheetos, you are filling his stomach with empty calories, which means he may not eat his regular food. In addition to not eating as much of his regular healthy food, your dog can develop additional health problems over time from eating too much junk food, just like a person would.

How Much Cheetos Can Dogs Eat?

Most dogs can eat a few Cheetos on occasion without having any serious side effects. Don’t feel bad if you cave and toss your dog one or two pieces from your bag. But too many Cheetos at once can result in stomach pain and diarrhea for some dogs.

If your dog happens to get hold of an entire bag of Cheetos, you may very well be cleaning up vomiting and diarrhea for several days. If this happens, be sure to contact your vet for advice on how to help your dog feel better.

Can Dogs Eat Flaming Hot Cheetos?

In addition to not being healthy, flaming hot Cheetos and other “spicy” flavored Cheetos have ingredients that can be very irritating to your dog’s mouth and gums. Even some humans have complained that the spicy flavor of flaming hot Cheetos is too potent after eating large quantities. Even though you may be tempted to share a couple of your flaming hot Cheetos with your best friend, resist the urge. Preventing your dog from eating spicy foods, especially flaming hot Cheetos, is much better for your dog in the long run.

Can Dogs Eat Chips?

What about other junk food? Can dogs eat chips or potato crisps instead of Cheetos? What about Twizzlers? If you simply must share your snack foods with your dog, potato chips, though still not great, are a wiser option than Cheetos.

But the issue with chips is that they are usually very high in both MSG and in sodium. Both of these ingredients are ones that your dog can do without. If you simply must share your snacks, the occasional chip won’t harm your dog but avoid making it a habit.