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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? (Gestation Period for Dog Breeds)

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

There are several things to factor into consideration when answering the question of, How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? There is no single period for all dogs and many things come into play. So, let’s put this question in the spotlight and see what the answer is.

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?

The average period of gestation for the average dog is 63 days, with the number generally falling between 58 and 67 days. The difference may not sound like much. It is only a few days after all. But relatively speaking it’s a rather broad range and would be similar to saying that human gestation is “between 7 and 11 months”.

So, what decides how long a dog is pregnant? Well, size plays the biggest role in this. The bigger the dog and the bigger the breed, the shorter the gestation period is likely to be. That’s not always the case, but it’s certainly the average.

Other Factors That Determine How Long Dogs are Pregnant

Another thing that come into play is the size of the litter. The more puppies there are, the shorter the period of pregnancy is likely to be. That’s because there is only so much space and if that space has been taken up then the body will be in somewhat of a hurry to get rid of it. It’s a bottle that’s ready to pop, and the more soda and gas that’s inside of it, the sooner that will happen.

Genetics also plays a role and if you want a more exact timeline then this it’s what you need to take into account. If a bitch’s mother tended to have very long and difficult pregnancies, then there is a good chance that she will suffer from the same issues. Conversely, if the mother had very short, easy pregnancies, then they may breeze through it.

Things to Worry About

If a bitch seems to be struggling with the pregnancy then you should get them checked out by a vet. Stillborn deaths are not uncommon and you may also be putting the health of the mother in jeopardy by ignoring any warning signs.

As with humans, pups that are born even slightly earlier than the due date run the risk of developing issues and one that is born a week or so earlier will likely suffer serious problems or even be stillborn.

A vet will tell you that 58 days is the earliest date that a puppy can be born safely, without developing any issues. So, if your dog makes it beyond that day then you can breathe a little easier. You’re not completely out of the woods just yet, but there’s a very good chance that the litter will be alive when they are born and that there will be no serious issues.

A premature dog still stands a chance of life though and may even grow to be healthy. So, don’t give up on them. Help them through, show them how to nurse from their mother, be on hand to provide assistance where needed and they will have all the help they need to thrive.