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Can Dogs Eat Peeps, Fluff and Other Marshmallow Treats?

Can Dogs Eat Peeps?

You shouldn’t be feeding your dog candy. You probably knew that already. But still, if you’re wondering whether “stolen” candies are going to hurt them or whether an occasional treat is okay, then you’ll want to know the answer to questions like, Can Dogs Eat Peeps?

So, let’s get to it.

Can Dogs Eat Peeps

If you have made it to this page then we can safely assume that you know what Peeps are. They are marshmallow candies consisting of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin, as well as flavorings and colorings. Technically, dogs can eat peeps as there is nothing toxic in them. However, they are far from healthy and can cause stomach upsets if consumed in large quantities, so they should not be fed to your dog.

If they eat them without you knowing and you suspect that they have eaten a lot, then simply keep an eye on them and make sure they eat normal food afterwards and that they have fresh water on hand if needed. The marshmallow and sugar will leave them feeling full and can cause a sugar crash that may make them grouchy afterwards. They may be sick, they may have diarrhea and they may display other signs of upset. If they are showing serious signs of distress, you suspect that they have consumed a lot or they are unwell, old or young, then you should seek veterinary advice.

In most cases, however, they will merely feel a little discomfort and will be fine when it has passed through.

Should I Feed my Dog Peeps?

No. There is no cause for doing this. It is true that a single Peep will probably not cause much discomfort, but it also won’t do them any favors. A dog’s diet should be rich in protein and natural foods, with plenty of fresh water on standby. They should not consume too much sugar, nor should their diet be rich in the sort of additives found in Peeps.

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are typically made of gelatin, which is a spongy, gelatinous substance derived from pork, bovine or fish bones and skin. The fact that it comes from animal skin and bones, which dogs are used to munching on anyway, means it is relatively safe. However, it is pretty devoid of nutrition and when consumed in the form of candies it is also loaded with sugar, sweetener and additives.

After all, a block of a clear, gelatinous substance made from animal skin isn’t very appealing to kids, so by the time they finish with it it’s pretty much all sugar and chemicals. Just like your kids, marshmallows are not healthy for your dog and you should try to avoid giving them any if you can, but if they sneak one or two every now and then it’s unlikely to do harm.

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallow Fluff Spread?

This spread doesn’t use gelatin as a base ingredient. The same goes for several other products marketed as marshmallow, although typically only in products that don’t require the spongy texture.

This is also a no-no for dogs, perhaps even more so as it’s more sugar than Peeps per gram and it’s also much easier for a dog to consume a large quantity. This uses egg whites to get a fluffy texture but the main ingredients are corn syrup and sugar, neither of which should be the main ingredient in anything your canine eats.