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Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol? Yes or No, How Much?

Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol

This might sound like a bizarre question. In fact, when we first ran it past our researchers that’s exactly the reply they gave us. But it’s not as bizarre as you might think. Pepsi Bismol can be given to dogs, but the question is, should you give it to them? There are reports floating around that ay that Pepto Bismol is harmless and even effective when given to dogs, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, as we shall discover in this article on Can I Give Pepto Bismol to my Dog, you may want to avoid giving your pooch this medicine all together.

Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol?

Dogs get stomach issues just like we do. These are quite common as well, on account of the fact that most dogs will eat anything. They are like vacuum cleaners and half the time you have to wonder if they actually have any tastebuds or if they just eat your old socks because they want to mess with you.

Stomach upsets are easily cured by Pepto Bismol, we all know that, and the same can apply to your pet pooch. However, don’t be quick to grab the formulation of Pepto Bismol from your cupboard and starting dosing your dog, not just yet.

Always consult with your vet first. Not all dogs can safely take Pepto Bismol. Some of them may have a negative reaction to it. Breeds may play a role, but the dog’s own health status will play a bigger role. There is a risk of internal bleeding and this may increase with certain dogs. So, NEVER give them Pepto Bismol unless you have consulted a professional first.

Other OTC medicines may should also be taken with caution. That includes those medicines designed for the same purpose. They may contain agreements that can do harm. Their dosages may be hard to regulate. Before you give your dog anything other than Pepto Bismol, make sure it is actually safe for them.

Keep the dose low. The more they take, the greater the chance of problems will be. Many vets advise that dogs should only be given in a single dose.

Alternatives to Pepto Bismol for Dogs

After reading the above you’re probably going to avoid giving your dog Pepto Bismol all together. We wouldn’t blame you. Quite frankly, unless your dog is in severe discomfort, it’s just not worth the risk, even if it’s slight and even if your vet has recommended it. Luckily, even if the discomfort is there, there’s an alternative.

The main active ingredient in Pepto Bismol is Bismuth Subsalicylate. It is the salicylates that cause the problems and these are not as prominent in Bismuth formulations for dogs. These are often givens to yoru dog instead of Pepto Bismol.

In any case you should still consult a vet. It’s never wise to give your dog medication without a veterinary review and some professional advice. This is something we have discussed elsewhere in articles such as Can I Give my Dog Benadryl?

There are OTC drugs out there that are safe for pets and are even prescribed to them, but this particular stomach settler is not on that list.