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Can Dogs Eat Plums? (Prunes, Flesh, Pits and More)

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Ever wondered if dogs can eat plums? Maybe they have stolen a bite and you’re worried for their health. Maybe they are staring at you as you eat, anticipating a piece. Maybe you’re wondering if they will aid with digestion like they do with humans.

So, just what is the answer, can they eat them safely or no?

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Dogs are carnivorous by nature, but after living with humans they have turned into omnivores that would sooner eat a cheese string or hotdog than they would a tin of succulent dog food. Such is life. The good news is that a lot of the human food they enjoy eating is not poisonous (although you should still avoid giving them most of it). The bad news is that some of it can be dangerous and plums are one such food.

The flesh of the plum is not harmful. There should be nothing there that can cause harm to a dog, which means they are not in the same category as fruits like grapes, which can cause harm. However, there are a couple of other concerns.

Why Dogs Should Not Eat Plums

The issue with plums stems from the pit of the fruit. These are the right size to be the perfect hazard for your pet and they are also thick and sharp, which means they can cause serious damage to a dog’s throat, stomach and even intestines.

Dogs don’t choke like us humans do, but that doesn’t stop the pit from causing an obstruction. It could wedge itself in the esophagus or it could block the intestines, causing all kinds of issues and potentially leading to your dog needing an operation.

Not only that, but if the pit was to break or become crushed in anyway then the cyanide inside would be released and this could cause even further problems for your pup. It would only be a small amount, but it could still cause problems, especially if multiple stones are ingested.

Plums are also high in sugar, which should not form a major part of a dog’s diet. Just because it’s natural sugar doesn’t make it okay. It might be fine for us humans, but it’s not fine for an animal that evolved to consume a high protein, low-carb, zero sugar diet.

Can Dogs Eat Prunes?

They are the perfect cure for constipation in humans, but are prunes okay for dogs? After all, the pip is usually removed.

That may be the case, but prunes are still very high in sugar and they are also high in fibre. The latter may be great to get things moving for you, but it will upset your dog’s digestive system and cause it discomfort. If your dog is constipated then you should first consult with a vet, who will then advise on the best course of action. This will likely involve a laxative prescribed at a dose based on the weight, age and breed of your dog.

Whatever you do, don’t assume the role of a vet yourself and try to medicate it with prunes.