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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges? Satsumas, Clementines, Peels, Juice

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges?

One of the vitamins that is important for you to include in your guinea pig’s daily diet is vitamin C. Unfortunately, although oranges are a good source of vitamin C for your guinea pigs, like most fruits they also contain natural sugar. Oranges are in the low end of the middle range when it comes to sugar content and too much sugar is not good for your guinea pig.

Many fruits in the orange family have similar acidity levels and sugar content. Guinea pigs can eat Clementine oranges, Lychees, and mandarin oranges. The key to feeding these fruits safely is to make sure to feed in occasionally, no more than twice weekly. Feed small pieces or slices at one time, remove any seeds, and monitor your pet carefully for any signs that the acidity may be hurting their delicate mouths.

The other contributing factor to feeding guinea pigs oranges or any other fruit is to ensure it is a supplement to a regular diet of pellets, fresh water for drinking, and grass or hay for grazing. With the proper balanced diet, there’s no reason your guinea pigs can’t enjoy an orange now and then as a treat.

How Much Oranges Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Oranges can be included occasionally in your guinea pigs diet. The danger with oranges is their acidic content which can be harmful if they eat too much. For this reason, oranges as well as any other acidic fruit should only be fed no more than twice per week. If you notice any bleeding or irritation in your guinea pig’s mouth or they have trouble eating, see your vet.

Are Orange Peels Bad for Guinea Pigs?

When it comes to orange peels, they aren’t bad for guinea pigs which means if your pet likes them, it’s okay for them to eat them occasionally. The Vitamin C that guinea pigs need is in the flesh of the orange but it’s also in the pithy part that is usually attached to the orange peel. This means orange peels can provide a bit of extra Vitamin C if your guinea pigs need it in their diet but it’s not critical that they eat the peels.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Satsumas?

If you’ve never heard of satsumas you may wonder if guinea pigs can eat them when you see them available in the store. Satsumas come from Japan, and like mandarins which come from China, they are part of the tangerine family. Satsumas are less intense tasting than oranges and less juicy which makes them good for guinea pigs. Many people believe satsumas are among the best tasting of the tangerines.

Satsumas have a loose skin which makes them easy to peel but they do have a pip that needs to be removed before feeding to your guinea pig. When it comes to tangerines, satsumas, and mandarin oranges, feed occasionally as a treat to avoid bombarding your guinea pigs with too much sugar in their diet and to prevent mouth sores from too much acidity in their diet.