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Why Black Mold is Just as Harmful for Your Pets as it is For You

Mold Harmful Pets

Black mold is a serious issue for homeowners, especially if they have lung disorders or if they have children. But what about pets? They may not be your first thought simply because you might not have considered the possibility that they are as much at risk of developing problems as you are. But believe it or not, that is definitely the case. Mold is a problem for pets and humans alike.

See what black mold looks like here. Read on for more info.

Mold and Pets (Dangers)

Sometimes, pets are even more at risk of developing issues from mold exposure than humans are. They sleep on floors, they are not as aware of the dangers, they have a habit of licking and chewing random things and they are constantly sniffing around the home. All of this can mean they are breathing in more of the mold spores than is healthy for them. And not only may you not realize it, but they won’t either, which means the cycle continues.

Mold and Pets (Symptoms)

Signs of mold exposure in pets can be as varied as the animals themselves, including everything from skin irritation (presenting with constant scratching, licking and chewing) sores, runny eyes and problems with paws. You can learn more about how mold affects your pets by visiting the linked page.

If you are at all concerned about how the mold in your home has affected your pet, look to get them away from the problem areas, put them in a kennel/cattery or in a friend’s home if you must. If you wouldn’t take a risk with your children then you shouldn’t take one with your pets either. You can also ask a vet to check them over and to treat the symptoms as and when they appear.

They won’t be able to eradicate the issue entirely. You need a mold specialist for that. But they can prescribe creams and oils to help with skin problems and they may also be able to prescribe something to help with mouth, eye and paw problems.

Keeping Pets Away from Mold

Pets are curious, cats especially. If you are desperate to keep them away from a certain area then you can guarantee that they will focus on that area more than any other. So, rather than pushing them away and using diversion tactics, simply cover the mold, shut the door and stop them from accessing the room in which the mold is, or clean it regularly. Of course, if you clean it then you should make sure you avoid leaving traces of dangerous chemicals as these can do more harm to your pets than the mold can.

First, try some hot water, soap and elbow grease. If that doesn’t work then a solution of bleach might. If you scrub until every inch of mold and residue of bleach has gone then you should avoid any issues. And don’t worry if you cat suddenly starts rolling around on the places on or near-to where you sprayed bleach, ammonia and other cleaning products. It is said that these can give off a scent similar to a cat when they spray. So if you have a male cat that is dominant, then they may simply be looking to restate their dominance over the perceived threat.