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Privacy Policy

The following terms refer to the privacy of Can Pets Eat and its readers. The terms “we” and “our” refer to Can Pets Eat, which is represented by its owners and its operators. The terms “you” and “your” refer to the readers of this site, which is anyone who finds themselves on this site, whether by direct connection, referral or recommendation.

General Information

Can Pets Eat is a content site first and foremost. We do not sell a product, we do not offer a service. As a result, there are very few instances in which we request personal information from our readers and no instances in which we request financial information. Still, such occasions do exist.

To find out why we request this information, what we do with it when we have it and how we keep it safe, read the following terms.

Your Information

There is typically only two ways in which we will request your information. The first is through our contact form. This is the only way to get in touch with us and it is there so that readers can ask us questions, request sponsorship opportunities and generally comment on the site. These contact forms will request the name and email address of everyone who uses them to submit a message.

There are are forms for aspiring writers who want to submit their content for consideration to the Can Pets Eat website. In both cases the information we receive is basic, non-sensitive and is used so that we can respond to you. We ask for your name and your email address so we can send a reply and so we know who to address that reply to; we ask for a writing sample and bio so we can judge if you are a good fit for the Can Pets Eat writing team.

At Can Pets Eat we also reserve the right to hold competitions and to post a newsletter. In both cases the information we request is basic and done simply so we can send you periodic emails or so we can contact you should you win a prize.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

Although we will never take sensitive information for you, we will still endeavor to keep whatever information we take safe and secure. Any information you give us will only be accessible by the owners and the editors of Can Pets Eat, a team of just a few people. It will be kept secure on our servers and, should we no longer need the information, it may be deleted.

At no point will your information be used for marketing purposes without your express permission. It will never be sold or leased to a third-party and we will never use it to send you marketing materials directly from the Can Pets Eat website or from its affiliates.

Google Analytics

Can Pets Eat makes use of Google Analytics, a service that is commonly used throughout the internet and one that can help us to better understand who is using the website, where they are coming from, where they are based, how long they are spending on the site, which pages they browse, and other information.

All of this is supplied by Google and they have their own terms and conditions dealing with this. We have no control over the software or the information that it gathers and merely add a code to the Can Pets Eat website that lets us track everything. It may be that Google uses information from you that it has received from elsewhere; it may be that it uses this information elsewhere, including for marketing purposes.

In any case, Can Pets Eat has no control over this and can therefore not be held responsible for anything that happens via the use or misuse of this information. What we can say, however, is that we will personally never release, sell or trade the information that we have. This will be used by a select group of Can Pets Eat members and its purpose will always be related to this website.

Google Ads

Can Pets Eat also uses Google Ads. Like Google Analytics, this may work on prior information that you have given to Google, information that we have no control over. These ads are placed throughout the Can Pets Eat website, after which they are then used as a portal through which Google feeds you ads.

These ads are not controlled by Can Pets Eat. They are set by Google and their purpose is to target each individual user of the site. Just because you’re seeing one thing, does not mean that someone else is seeing the same thing. Google chooses the ad that you see. Google and the company paying for the ad has control over what happens when you click it. Beyond placing a link and facilitating this transaction, Can Pets Eat has no involvement whatsoever and can therefore not be held accountable for anything that happens via these Google ads.


Here on Can Pets Eat we do use cookies and we are likely to continue to use these for the foreseeable future. We believe that cookies are safe and that they provide readers of all content sites with a clean, clear and presentable format in which to read and enjoy a website. Cookies are especially helpful for content sites that have a lot of information, which is the case with Can Pets Eat.

Cookies are safe and secure. They serve as a bridge between you and Can Pets Eat. They let you know which articles you have already read and which articles you have yet to read; they tell you which articles are new, which articles are old. There is a lot of content to digest here and we want to make sure that you get through it all without any problems. That’s why we use cookies.


By continuing to use this website after you have read this terms, or by using this site while the terms are up, you are automatically giving your consent to everything listed herein. If, for whatever reason, you do not agree with one or more of these terms then you may close this page down.

Can Pets Eat also reserve the right to make changes to these terms should we deem it necessary.