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Can Rabbits Eat Apple? (Lionhead Rabbits, Apple Seeds, Crab Apples)

Can Rabbits Eat Apple?

Can rabbits eat apples? Can rabbits eat apple seeds? We find out in this guide. We ask the question and we make sure you have the answers.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple?

Not only can rabbits eat apples, but they absolutely love them! In fact they love most fruit, as you will soon learn when you nurture your little bunny into an old and healthy rabbit. They can chew grass and hay all day and look pretty content doing it, but put some sweet and juicy apples in front of them and they turn into hungry and insatiable beasts!

You should avoid giving them too much of this fruit though. Rabbits love sugar, as we all do, but their bodies don’t. In the wild they consume foods that are typically low in sugar, as well as an occasional vegetable. So, if you start giving them lots of high-sugar fruit like this, then you may cause a shock to their system.

As proud owners of rabbits ourselves, we know that it’s also wise to avoid giving them large portions of fruit and veg in general, especially if they are used to a diet of pellets and hay. In that case you can upset their digestive system. And because those digestive system are so temperamental, that’s very dangerous!

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Seeds?

Not only can rabbits eat apple, but most rabbits will enjoy apples. In fact, we have yet to encounter a rabbit that will not tuck into an apple. Just make sure that these fruits don’t compose a large part of they diet and NEVER give them apple seed. There are small traces of arsenic in apple seeds and while this is unlikely to do any damage if eaten in small amounts, it’s still poison, it’s still ingested, and it’s not going to do them any favors.

Your rabbit should not be getting down to the core anyway. That would potentially indicate that they have eaten far too much of that sweet and sugary apple. Unless of course you’re giving them the cores, but they are much better off which a little sweet and juicy skin to give their teeth some work.

Can Lionhead Rabbits Eat Apple?

The same applies to all bunnies, whether you have a lop-ear, a rex or a lionhead. The species is the same, as is the way they react to sugars and foods in general. There are key differences between some of them, but not in this instance. So, whatever breed your little bunny is, give them a piece of apple to enjoy every now and then.

Can Rabbits Eat Crab Apples?

Yes! Just like traditional apples, rabbits can eat crab apples.

Crab apples are nearly identical to other apples, at least with regards to the fruit itself. However, in regards to taste, traditional apples tend to be a lot sweeter and crisper. Your bunnies are okay eating both of these, but you may find that they prefer the sweeter and crisper apples. They crave the sugar just like us humans do and they also like to sink their teeth into something crisp.

How Much Apple to Give Rabbits?

So, can rabbits eat apples? Yes. But how much apple can they eat? How much is a “small amount? Generally, a little chunk will suffice, something twice the size of a thumbnail will be okay to eat every day providing that there are no other high sugar treats given. You can also give them a little more if they are older and don’t have too many other treats. Just be careful with younger and smaller rabbits.

Apple Wood Sticks for Rabbits

Not only can rabbits eat apples, but apple wood sticks are common treats for these cuddly creatures. As with all treats and high sugar treats, and as we mentioned above, you need to keep these to a minimum. Your bunny may turn into an excitable, ravenous and seemingly feral creature as soon as he or she hears the crinkle of the treat wrapper. But that doesn’t mean they are healthy for them.

So, don’t let those helpless bunny eyes trick you into giving them more treats. Rabbits love them and they are safe. But they are like crack to bunnies.