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Can Rabbits Fart? (Can They, Do They; And Do They Burp?)

Can Rabbits Fart

Can rabbits fart? It may sound like an odd question, but it’s a perfect valid one. It’s important to pay attention to your rabbits health and their digestive system plays a big role in that. So, whether they fart or not could be crucial, as we’ll discover.

Can Rabbits Fart?

We cover a lot of standard topics here on Can Pets Eat. We make it our duty to tell you what is and is not healthy for you animals, be they dogs and cats, or bunnies and guinea pigs. In out journey of telling you about nutrition, we’ve also covered a few stranger topics, but “can rabbits fart” currently takes the biscuit.

So, can rabbits fart? Well, yes they can and they do. In most cases, this is perfectly normal and healthy. From what we can gather, rabbits generate a lot of gas and the natural process for this is for it to be expelled out of the anus. It is unlikely to cause the same noise, and it’s unlikely to be as common as it would be in other animals. But healthy rabbits can pass wind.

However, there is more to it than that. In fact, if your rabbit is passing wind regularly or has a need to do so, then there could be something very serious occurring and your rabbit’s health could be in danger.

Why Flatulence is Dangerous in Bunnies

We have discussed many times how a rabbit’s digestive system is very temperamental and how the slightest changes in diet can cause problems, while diarrhea can cause death. Such is the case with excessive flatulence. It is caused by an accumulation of gas in the digestive tract, which is normal in humans and other animals, but dangerous in rabbits.

What to do with a Rabbit that Farts a Lot

The truth is you probably won’t actually know if your rabbit is farting a lot. However, a rabbit will often let you know when they are not well. They have a habit of hiding and trying not to visibly display that they are unwell. They are prey after all and they don’t want to show weakness. But as an owner, you should know when they are not themselves. They might not be eating, they might not want to move much. They might be in pain, which means they won’t be moving or eating and they may be grinding their teeth.

In either case, get them to a vet. Often, the time you realize that something is definitely wrong is already too late. So, if you suspect a build-up of gas or other digestive distress, call the vet and get them in as soon as possible. There are medications that might be able to expel that gas and ease their distress.

Can Rabbits Burp

The jury is still out on this one. Not everyone is convinced that bunnies even fart, but based on their digestive system, the fermentation that takes place, it really has to occur. So, we can answer Can Rabbits Fart with some certainty, but Can Rabbits Burp? Not so much.

The image of a little bunny burping is certainly a strange one and as bunny owners, we can safely ay we have never seen anything like it. They open their mouths to yawn and eat, that’s about it. So, unless there is a sneaky, closed-mouth burping going on—like the ones you release in polite conversation, in the hope no one will notice—then rabbits probably don’t burp.