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Can Rats Eat Tomatoes: What About Seeds, Skin and Juice?

Can Rats Eat Tomatoes

How healthy are tomatoes for rats? Can rats eat tomatoes? You might have thought that they were safe consuming anything and everything, that is certainly the stereotype. But that’s not the case. In fact, there are many foods that can cause harm and in this article we’ll see whether or not tomatoes, tomato pulp and tomato juice is on that list.

Can Rats Eat Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are great for humans and we know that rats share a lot of similarities with us. That’s why they are used to test medicines and cosmetics after all (as cruel as that is). Tomatoes are great for us, so does that mean they are great for rats? Are they even safe for rats?

Rat can eat tomatoes. They shouldn’t form a major part of their diet, but there is nothing wrong with giving them a little now and then, along with some of the other occasional human goods that we discussed on our Rat Diet page.

Generally rats can tolerate many more human foods than bunnies and cats can and are somewhat similar to dogs in this respect. However there are foods that are toxic to rats, so it’s important to remain diligent when looking for the perfect food for your rodent friend.

Can Rats Eat Tomatoes Pulp?

All parts of the tomato should be safe for rats to consume. But again, make sure they consume this in small quantities. Rats will indulge if given the chance. They will eat and eat and not always know when to stop. Again, they are not unlike dogs in this respect. So, don’t rely on them to know when to stop and make sure you don’t give them more than a few nibbles on occasion.

Can Rats Drink Tomatoes Juice?

They should really only drink water, maybe with a few licks of puree and juice every now and then. However, because these fruit juices are heavy on sugar and lack the fibre and the enzymes that come with eating the fruit itself, it is not as healthy or as safe as the actual fruit is.

Your pet rat should be okay if you discover that they have stolen their way towards a little tomato juice. But as far as actively seeking to give it tomato juice, it is not advised. They are perfectly happy drinking water and eating a little fruit and vegetables on occasion. They are not human and don’t need any fresh fruit smoothies!

Can Rats Eat Tomato Seeds?

This is a no-no. The seeds themselves are not toxic. However, as we discussed when talking about hedgehogs and apples, and indeed most other small animals and seeds, they can be a choking hazard. This is especially true for rats that have never been introduced to tomatoes before because they won’t know what to expect, although even if they have, they will no doubt still dive in with little forethought anyway.

So, make sure the seeds are removed or, better yet, just slice off a little of the flesh or skin and give them that to eat.