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Write For Us: Writing Opportunities for Can Pets Eat Health Site

From the outset it was always our goal to make Can Pets Eat the biggest pet health site on the internet. If you have a question about certain food and whether or not your pets can eat them, then we want to make sure you can find the answer here. That takes a lot of work and we have several dedicated writers doing that.

We’re always looking for new writers to add to the team though and if you think you can help then we’d love to hear from you. However, since putting this post up we have had a lot of submissions that we simply can not post. We tried to respond in the beginning but doing so means we have less time to focus on the writers that we can hire and less time to add content to the Can Pets Eat site.

So, we can no longer respond to queries that do not follow the guidelines below. We can also not consider anyone who does not follow these guidelines. If you would like to be considered and think you can write for the site, then please take the following into consideration:

1. Relevant Content. We understand that some of you will land on this write for us page without seeing the site. We get that. However, we can’t do anything with submissions of articles about sports and gambling, which seems to be commonplace. This site focuses on pets, pet food and other animal related subjects. If your submission does not relate to this, we can not accept it.

2. Guest Posts: We do not accept guest posts. We know how to spot these, so please don’t try to slip any through. We do not publish any links that are not to high authority sites and we will check this. If you want to submit a linked article, please contact us to enquire about sponsored posts. If you use the submission form below to submit a linked article, it will not get through.

3. Full Submission: We can’t take article titles and plans. We need to see at least a sample of your work, as well as a bio, to judge you. At most we would like a complete article pasted into the box below. At least we need a bio and a sample of several paragraphs that relate to pets or pet health. Bear in mind that we will judge your writing based on everything you send.

4. Size: We are happy to take all articles above 500 words but prefer guides that are longer than 1,500 words. To begin with, however, you are free to write and submit a short piece.

5. We need original content. If you are submitting an article to be published and not a sample (this should be marked) then it needs to be original. This means it should not be published anywhere else, nor should the topic be covered elsewhere on Can Pets Eat.

6. Payment: We do not have a large budget, but we do pay our writers if they are able to write on demand and meet deadlines. We can, however, not pay for one-off pieces. We need regular content and writers who can work on a retainer. Just don’t expect a lot of money!

7.Replies: Please do not hassle us for replies or to ask for the status of your article. If we are not accepting your submission then we will not respond. If you are submitting original work (see step 5) and want to know whether we have accepted or refused so you can send it elsewhere, then know that if we haven’t responded to you within 3 working days, we have not accepted it and you can send it elsewhere.

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