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Can Pets Eat began as a simple project, created off the back of a few questions and a few simple guides. But then it developed into something much bigger; something that can help pet owners the world over to better care for their pets.

Can Pets Eat has a vast database of articles and guides relating to pets big and small. Our expert writers are also animal lovers and pet owners. They have used their knowledge as pet owners, their passion for animal welfare, and their researching skills to turn this site into one of the biggest pet advisory sites on the internet.

How it All Began

The founder of Can Pets Eat created the site after realizing that his endless questions weren’t always answered in the way he wanted them to be. As a caring pet owner he was constantly worried about the welfare of his animals. He wanted to make sure that every food he tried to feed his pet was actually good for them. But the questions he put to Google weren’t always answered clearly. They often lacked detail and on some occasions the answers given by one site were contradicted by another.

He realized that if you search for “Can Dogs Eat” followed by the name of a food, you were often linked to one or two websites that had written a single article on foods that animals can eat, as well as many question and answer sites. In the first instance, the answers were overly simple and occasionally confusing, and they didn’t cover all foods or pets. In the second instance, the answers were untrustworthy and often contradictory.

Gap in the Market

Realizing there was a need for a site that went into detail, a site that did the research, provided honest answers, and never left room for confusion and over simplification, he created Can Pets Eat.

The goal of this site from the outset was to create a main page on the health and nutrition of all pets. After that, many smaller pages were created relating to specific foods and to whether or not you should feed that pet that food. It’s a simple formula, but it’s one that work and it means that a simple search on the site’s search function or through Google gives you an exact, detailed answer to your question of “Can Pets Eat [Food Type]”.

It took a lot of work to get from an idea to a full fledged website, but it was worth it and the owner has never looked back, nor have all the writers and researchers hired to keep this site ticking over.

How to Use Can Pets Eat

To use this site, just set your sights on the search bar or focus on the menus. The former will be able to answer your questions, pointing you to relevant FAQs, guides and more concerning whatever search query you enter. It it the best way to use Can Pets Eat and it is the thing that we designed the site around.

The search function is great if you have a question or you want to learn about something specific. For everything else, then the menus can help you out. You can see these menus at the top of this page. You will find detailed guides on the diet and nutritional needs of certain pets, as well as answers to questions like Can Rabbits Eat Apples? And many more. If you’re looking to brush up on general knowledge concerning the needs of your pet, then this is the place to do it.

In fact, this is something that we recommend to all pet owners. As a pet owner, there are few things more devastating than watching your pet suffer because it inadvertently consumed a food stuff or substance that you gave to it or allowed it to eat. This is very common with pets like rabbits, which have very sensitive digestive systems, but it is also true of cats and dogs. There are many flowers, bulbs and chemicals that can kill or cause serious harm to these pets, and that includes products you will find in most homes.

An informed pet owner is a sensible pet owner, as well as one that will enjoy a long, happy and healthy relationship with their pet. So, stay informed and start browsing through Can Pets Eat today.

Want to See More?

If you have a question that we have not yet answered on Can Pets Eat, then get in touch and ask us about it! This site was created to answer questions that pet owners have. As a pet owner yourself, we’d love to hear about the things that concern you and the things you want to now about. It doesn’t have to concern diet either. Obviously, that’s the main focus of this website, but if it’s a question that pet owners are asking and need the answer to, then it’s one that we’re happy to cover.

To ask us a question you can use our Contact Page. If you have a question that is a perfect fit for the site, we will simply write an article about it and then direct you attention to it. So, please allow us a few days to respond in this manner, as our writers and researchers need time to work their magic!

Learn More

There is more to learn about the Can Pets Eat website, the work we do, and the ways that you can lend a helping hand. So, if you want to find out just who the writers and researchers are; if you want to find out how you can join the team and start helping today; or if you want to know how things started, then visit our About Us page.

This is essentially an extension of this homepage. You can even learn how to become a part of the Can Pets Eat team, writing for us and adding your content to the many articles already here. If you’ve heard all you care to know about this website then it’s time to start making use of the content! So, take a look around and learn how to better care for your pets today.