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Terms and Conditions (Disclaimer)

Everything described on this page concerns the owners, operators and affiliates of Can Pets Eat, as well as the readers of this website. Where applicable, the terms “we” and “our” are used to refer to “Can Pets Eat”, which in turn refers to all of the owners, editors, writers, designers, webmasters and everyone else associated with the website.

The terms “you” and your” refer to the readers of Can Pets Eat, which in turn applies to everyone that finds themselves on this site, whether by referral, recommendation or any other means.

Third-Party Affiliates

Can Pets Eat is a content site. It does not charge for a service and it does not sell a product of any kind. In order to fund the operation of this site Can Pets Eat serves the right to work with affiliates, to promote sponsored content and to use any other means it chooses in order to generate funds.

These affiliates will never jeopardize the content of the Can Pets Eat website. We make sure that it does not change the advice that we give to pet owners regarding their pet’s diet and health and we also will never recommend a product or a service that we don’t think is beneficial to our readers. We work very hard to keep this site running and these affiliates help us to continue doing that, but we still maintain the integrity of the site and we make sure that it never loses its purpose.

The connection that the owners have to the third-party sites it links to is minimal. We have no access to their accounts; we have no control over their services; and we have no connection to their sales department or to any other section of the website. Because of this, we can not be held accountable for anything that happens to a reader of Can Pets Eat once we are on this site and we can not help any reader solve a problem that they have with these sites.

Should a user of Can Pets Eat have an issue with an affiliate then we ask that they Contact Us and let us know. That way we can build a profit so these affiliates and determine if we want to continue working with them. However, we stress to our readers that we are unable to offer any assistance in dealing with these sites.


Can Pets Eat was created for responsible pet owners. The purpose of this site is to help those pet owners to better care for their pets by providing them with essential information concerning diet and health. Can Pets Eat is run by pet owners and writers, not veterinarians. As a result, this information should be teated as a stepping stone to better care and not as expert advice.

Can Pets Eat are happy to converse with readers of the site and to provide them with information that may help them care for their pets. However, time and time again we recommend against overfeeding of human foods, especially with regards to animals like rabbits, which have very sensitive digestive systems.

This is information that we expect all responsible pet owners to understand and information that we continually press upon them. As a result, we can not be held accountable for anything that happens to owners who do not heed this information.


Although Can Pets Eat work hard to make sure that the information supplied on this site is accurate, we can not be held responsible for mistakes that are made either by the owners of the site, the writers hired to complete work, or any other contractor working on a freelance basis.

All of the information is aimed at healthy pets and may therefore not apply to all pets. Any pet owner seeking to try a new diet plan should always consult with a veterinarian first. What is healthy and acceptable for one animal may not be healthy and acceptable for another. Only an experienced veterinarian who has an in-depth understanding on the animal’s health, it’s history and its diet can truly recommend any changes in nutrition and advise on the consumption of specific food stuffs.

Here on Can Pets Eat we try to advise as best we can, but we are not veterinarians and at no point do we claim to be. The advice we give is designed to assist and to inform; it should not be treated as a medical assessment. The advice we give often comes from the general consensus regarding pet health, but because we are not health experts or vets and merely have experience as pet owners, it does not and should not be considered a viable alternative to actual advice from a qualified veterinarian.

Also, while Can Pets Eat try to source the best information and to make sure that everything cited on this site is accurate, mistakes can be made. We ask all readers to take this onboard before they use the Can Pets Eat website and can accept no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of misinformation.

Changes and Consent

By using the Can Pets Eat website you are automatically giving your consent for the terms and conditions described herein. That includes everything pertaining to affiliates and everything discussed in our Disclaimer and Responsibility sections. Should you not agree with one of more of these terms, or with anything else mentioned herein, then you are invited to close this website down.

If you do this then we ask that you contact us to let us know what the issue is. Only then can we make changes to provide a better service and to keep all of our readers happy.

At Can Pets Eat we also reserve the right to make changes to these terms if and when we see fit. Those changes can be made without any prior announcement and without informing our readers, simply because there is no way for us to do this. If you continue using the Can Pets Eat website after any changes to these terms have been made, then your consent continues to be implied. Again, should this not be the case then you may simply close this website down.