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Breeds of Dog (All Kinds, Including Life Span, Temperament, Price)

Breeds of Dog

On this section of the Can Pets Eat website we are devoted to one thing and to one thing only: dogs. We have covered pets of all kinds previously and there are countless articles on many topics, but this section is all about breeds of dogs.

The initial concept of this section was a separate website. We wanted something that could grow alongside Can Pets Eat. So, we decided to create a website that discussed breeds of all shapes and sizes. However, as Can Pets Eat grew and grew, attaining success while we were still working on this new website, we changed tact. We decided to give this growing fanbase more info directly and to simply add this “Breeds of Dog” website to CPE.

That’s what we did, and now this site is better for it. Not only that, but we were such a big fan of the concept that we have decided to add more sections to tell you more about the different breeds of cat, rabbit and other animals. You can find all of those here on Can Pets Eat.

Breeds of Dog Section

The goal os this section is to provide yo with all the information you need on any given dog breed out there. If you want to know what the best dog is for your kids or for apartment living, then we’ll tell you. The same goes for anyone looking for the ideal working dog; the best dog for a big house; for active owners; and more.

As dog lovers, animal experts and hard-working writers we know the content that we write about inside out, we know all there is to know about dog, and we’re perfectly equipped to write about them.

As usual, if you want to learn more about what we do and how you can use this site, read on. If you want to take a look around then simply use the menus at the top of this page. You should find the info you’re looking for here and if you can’t then the search function will help you to target something specific.

What You Will Find on This Breeds of Dogs Section

This section was built on a foundation of guides on single breeds of dogs. We didn’t think that there was enough info out there on certain breeds. You could read thousands of pages of info on the most sought-after breeds, but the same couldn’t be said for the rarer dogs. And as the many breeds of dog increased, good content became harder to find.

We understand that other info is out there and that we’re not doing anything new. We get that. But we are a little different from the rest. We’re not attached to any charities; we’re not an encyclopedia. We are dog lovers and writers who want to tell the world about the good and bad traits of man’s relationship with their so-called best friend.

On top of this foundation of dog breed articles we created a host of top lists to help you find the best dog for you. We know that there are many different personalities of dogs out there, from small and loud, to big, bold and quiet. There are dogs that will sleep all day and generally think they are cats, and there are dogs who look and act like bears. What works best for you will depend on your situation, which is why we created these lists to match those situations.

For instance, anyone living in an apartment and anyone who prefers a peaceful existence should take a look at our Quiet Dog Breeds. Anyone who has kids should take a look at our list of Dog Breeds for Kids. And there’s more, because we have similar articles relating to big houses, outdoor spaces, quiet living, noisy living, lazy living and active living. We’ll even find the best dog breeds based on your profession, from timid, quiet and occasionally active dogs for writers and artists who live sporadic lifestyles, to the early riser, later workers who need a friend to come back to.

How to Use Breeds of Dogs

Best Breeds of Dog

Now that you know what you can find, it’s time to start searching The best way to do this is to take look at the menu above. Here you will find all the breeds of dog you need based on size and other factors. If you scroll over the items above then you’ll see a dropdown menu of many different breeds, each with their own extensive guide about them.

If you have something very specific in mind then the best way to find it is via the search function. This is not a Google search and will only show you results found on this website. So, feel free to use it to see what we have said about specific dogs, traits, preferences and anything else that you want to search for. This covers the entire site and there is a lot of pet nutrition articles, but if you use breed names then you should be able to avoid all of that content.

To get you started, here are a few of our most popular breed pages, as well as pages of the dogs that we adore the most. You can also find links to top lists in this article. Wherever you see a hyperlink on this page, click it and you will be taken to an internal page.


Worst Breeds of Dog

We really do love dogs and all animals, for that matter. It is our ultimate goal to use this website to help promote awareness, to make sure more dogs get adopted and more owners know how to care for them. It may take some time before we get to a point where we can really make all of that work, but in the meantime we’ll work hard because we know that even if we can help one person to understand more or help one breed to be less feared and misunderstood, then our work is not in vain.

You’re welcome to join us on this journey.