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Best Dogs for Kids (Puppies, Rescues Good with Children)

Best Dogs for Kids

If you want a dog but you are worried that it will be too aggressive, noisy or otherwise problematic around your children, then take a look at these best dogs for kids.

In all honesty, most dogs are fine with kids if you get them young enough or you rescue an older dog that has ben raised around children. These are loyal, loving creatures by nature and typically the only ones you need to avoid are the dogs with troubled uprisings that may be prone to aggression when scared.

These best dogs for kids are not just dogs that will stay cool under all the noise and chaos in a home that has children. They are dogs that tend to adore kids and are great for raising alongside them.


We have discussed this breed of dog a few times on this site. It’s often considered to be a messy, aggressive fighting dog. But it’s actually very quiet, relaxed, sedate and loving. They are a dignified breed and they are very brave and protective, but they are also calm and friendly. It is the perfect combination for a dog and that’s what puts them on this list of the best dogs for kids.

Bulldogs don’t have a lot of fans in people who have never owned or been close to this breed. But they have a friend for life in humans who understand the temperament and know just how loving they can be.


This is a huge dog and it might not immediately seem like a great dog for children because of that. But size aside, the Newfoundland breed of dog is a fantastic company for kids and adults alike. They will take to little ones immediately, especially if you get them as a puppy. The reason they are great dogs for kids is that they have the patience of saints, they are utterly devoted and they are very sweet and loving in nature.

Your kid can pull its ears, treat its fur like a plaything and do all kinds of “kid” things with it and the dog will happily take it and then protect the child whenever it’s in trouble.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs can be noisy and a little crazy, but the same can be said for many dog breeds, including the best dogs for kids we have on this list. The good news is that Labs are also very friendly and outgoing, perfect to keep your little ones active and to provide them with a furry, fun playmate throughout their youth.

A Labrador Retriever will generally play with anyone, regardless of age. They are also happy to relax, cuddle and be poked and prodded by inquisitive children who see the big bundle of fur as a play-thing. They are often good with cats as well, providing you introduce them young.

Golden Retriever

There are many similarities between the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, but there are few key differences. The Golden Retriever tends to be just as friendly and just as loving. But they don’t always have as much energy and are not as active and as endlessly energetic.

Still, they are much more intelligent and are actually one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in the world. They are also completely devoted to their owners, big and small, and are one of the most loyal dog breeds you will ever come across. All of that makes them one of the best dog breeds for kids, as well as one of the best dog breeds for families in general.


Best Dogs for Children

Another misunderstand breed that you might not think would make it onto a list of the best dogs for kids, the Boxer is full of energy and incredibly loyal. They are not ideal for very young children who are not yet walking or or not stable on their feet. But if they are older than a toddler, if they are running about and have a lot of energy to expel, then this breed is perfect for them.

Just ask your child to take the dog into the yard and let them both burn of each other’s energy. They’ll play for hours and come back as best of friends. That’s the sort of thing that makes for a great memory when you’re a kid and the sort of thing that can turn a child into a dog lover for life.


This short haired dog is not the most cuddly, but it makes it onto our list of the best dogs for kids because it is obedient and fearless. It will play the role of the protector at every turn, keeping your family safe and protected. This is helped by the fact that it is always alert to every noise and every danger and will warn you of anything incoming while trying to guard you against it.

At the same time though, the Weimaraner is also a very friendly dog. This dog is great for children for many reasons in fact, and if you introduce carefully then you can even bring adult Weimaraners into a home with children.

Other Great Dogs for Kids

If none of these breeds are quite what you are looking for then don’t worry as there are many great dogs for children. As we said at the top of this article, most dogs are okay if you introduce them early enough, and many others are okay even if you do not. However, you might find a better fitting breed on lists such as our Quiet Dog Breeds list.

Quiet dogs are not always a good fit for homes with kids simply because kids are noisy and often love an active, energetic dog. But the same can’t be said for the parents. You hear enough noise and experience enough chaos with you kids. So it’s nice to get a dog that can provide you with a break from all of that.

If that still isn’t quite what you are looking for then just check the rest of the Breeds of Dog section. Whatever dog you’re looking for and whatever preference you have, you will find the perfect fit here.