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Can Cats See Ghosts? (Spirits, the Other Side and Felines)

Can Cats See Ghosts?

We usually concern ourselves with nutrition, but you’ve asked us “can cat see ghosts?” just as much as your questions on human foods they can eat. So, let’s answer this one with just as much honesty, even though it’s not going to be as easy!

Can Cats See Ghosts?

If you’ve ever witnessed your cat staring off into the room as if watching some mysterious object that you’re not able to see, you’re not alone. Cats do tend to stare at seemingly invisible objects. The next time your cat is staring up at the ceiling or a corner of the room at something that doesn’t seem to be there, you may find yourself asking whether cats can see ghosts?

Cats have eyes that are very different from humans and this allows them to see things in very low light. They also have a wider field of vision than humans and it is believed that cats can see ultraviolet light. This is why they chase sunlight on the wall, dust falling through beams of sunlight, or even a flashlight or laser light that you shine around on the floor.

So, though we may have to look in the direction of something moving, a cat may be able to see something to the right or left without turning their head to look at it. Cats are also very curious. You’ve probably heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”. This is derived from the fact that cats see and will stalk things just to find out what it is, even if it sometimes leads them into a dangerous situation.

Can Cats Walk in the Spirit World?

Cats have long been associated with different superstition and other paranormal activities, particularly with the spirit world. In areas of Burma and Siam (now Thailand), Buddhists believed that cats were the vessels for the souls of dead holy men. On the other end of the spectrum, in Ireland and Scotland, ancient stories tell of the Cat Sith, a large white-chested black cat who steals souls at night.

Some people even believe that when cats seemingly disappear and reappear in a room it’s because they can travel to and from the spirit world at will. So, the next time your cat seems to simply disappear, pay attention because you may just catch them re-entering from the spirit world.

Are Cats Good Luck?

There are people in countries throughout the world who believe that cats can bring luck, whether good or bad. In Russia, home buyers allow their cat to be the first to enter a new home to ensure good luck, and in Wales, a woman who steps on a cat’s tale is doomed to not get married for a year.

If you hear a cat sneeze in Italy, it’s a good omen. Killing a cat in Ireland brings bad luck for seventeen years. In Japan, a cat cleaning its face predicts visitors but in Europe and China, it predicts rain. Seeing a white cat in the evening in America is bad luck but catching a glimpse of white cat in the daylight brings good luck.

Black cats seem to be especially popular in the luck department. Owners of the “matagot” or magical black cat in France are said to receive prosperity, in England black cats in the house mean a surplus of lovers for the women, and in Japan, black cats are known to ward off evil and even heal ill children.

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