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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? (Is it Healthy, Is it Dangerous?)

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

It is not unheard of for dogs to eat their own poop. They do a lot of strange things, but this one takes the biscuit (pardon the choice of word). But why do dogs eat poop? Is there some scientific evidence to suggest that this is somehow normal or healthy, as some would suggest, or is it as gross and nasty as it seems?

Why Do Dogs Poop?

Dogs will often eat their own poop, but many of the dogs that have this habit may also eat the excrement of other dogs and even other animals. But why do they do this, why do they eat poop when they are clearly not hungry and don’t seem to have any other issues?

Well, firstly it’s important to understand that dogs, and most animals, don’t have the same disgust for their own excrement as we do. For many dogs it is a symbol of power, dominance; it is a weapon that can be used to lay claim to certain areas or to warn other animals away.

And that’s key here, because the reason dogs eat their own pop could be down to submissive behavior. They may be eating it to cover their tracks. Some experts have suggested that it’s a trait left over from canine ancestors living in large packs. It was an act born of desperation through starvation, as well as one that may have even helped to avoid certain intensity parasites.

All of this begin to sound like this is natural and healthy, but it’s not because they don’t need to eat their poop to be healthy. However, it is perfectly normal for this to happen to dogs during specific points in their life, such as when they are very young.

In all cases, the important thing to remember when answering the question of “Why do dogs eat poop?” is that it’s not harmful. They are unlikely to do any serious damage to their health by doing it. However, it’s far from pleasant to witness; it’s not going to make their breath smell fresh; and if they start licking your face afterwards then it’s enough to make you want to get a cat instead.

Is Dog Poop Healthy for Dogs?

There are some seemingly bizarre beliefs out there that suggest that dogs should be encouraged to eat their own poop. They say that dogs need to digest lost enzymes in this poop, much like a rabbit does. But what’s the truth, should a dog eat it’s own poop? Is it healthy, or is it as bizarre as it sounds?

Well, while we’re not going to completely dismiss this new “belief”, we would recommend that you exercise caution before taking any of it onboard. It doesn’t seem to be based on any sort of scientific studies and all of it is hearsay. In fact, it seems that some of it comes from habits that other animals have.

So, take what we have said in this article onboard and make sure you focus on trying to get them to stop eating their poop rather than anything else.