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Quiet Dog Breeds (Quiet Puppies and Rescue Dogs; Big and Small)

Quiet Dog Breeds

If you can’t handle the noise and the chaos that some dogs bring, then look to get one of these quiet dog breeds instead. All dogs have their own personalities, their own ways and their own temperaments. So, a typically noisy breed can still be quiet, and it’s certainly not unheard of for a typically quiet dog breed to make a lot of noise.

Still, the odds are on your side if you get a breed on this list and focus on treating them well, disciplining them gently when they make a lot of noise, and ensuring that they get a lot of exercise and stimulation.


Dogs can be very noisy. From yapping for their food to threatening to attack anyone who so much as walks by your front door. They can be like screaming kids that won’t listen to you when you tell them to shut up. So… pretty much exactly like screaming kids then. If you live in an apartment, they’ll make your neighbors hate you. But pug dogs are perfect for apartment living.

They are deserving of any list of quiet dog breeds for their temperament, their loving nature and their gentle ways as well as their proclivities toward silence. They are slobbery, cuddly and super cute. You can’t help but look into those eyes and submit to their every whim.

Great Dane

It might be a surprise to see these huge dogs on a list of quiet dog breeds. Everyone typically associated big dogs with noise and chaos. But Great Danes are the opposite. They are quiet and they have a great temperament. They are big and like any big dog, they can be a tad unruly. But you will struggle to find a big dog that is easier to handle, quieter and has a better nature than this lovely breed.

So, if you want a quiet dog breed but you also have a thing for big dogs, then this could be just what you need.


Very Quiet Dog Breeds

Known for its skill at hunting small animals, the whippet is far from a popular dog, but they are still cute and they are super lazy. In any ways they are like cats, with short spurts of great activity followed by hours of sleeping in a cozy bed or curling up into a ball. Just what you need if you enjoy your peace and quiet.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This was one of the first dog breeds we covered here on Can Pets Eat. Strangely enough, it was breed that we weren’t very familiar with at the time. We were fascinated by it though, so we had to cover it. In doing so we discovered that while big, it is also very soft and kind natured. It doesn’t yap at other dogs all day and it probably won’t try to launch an all out assault on the postman.

The Bernese Mountain Dog may not commonly be found on a list of quiet dog breeds, but only because its size belies its true nature. Make no mistake about it though, this is a beautiful, quiet and kind breed of dog. To learn more about them and their kind ways, just click the link above and you’ll be directed to our main page on them.


The Collie is one of the most beautiful and kind natured breeds of dogs you will ever meet. They make for great cross breeds as well. In fact, one of the sweetest, most intelligent dogs we have ever met and had the pleasure of owning was part Collie and part Irish Setter. Not only are they great natured and beautiful dogs, but they are also quiet.

The same goes for the Irish Setter and Collie cross that we mentioned, so you might be able to get the same nature in dogs that have a lot of Collie in them. Although the Irish Setter itself can make it onto lists of quiet dog breeds as well, but it is very similar in nature to the Collie and to other dogs on this list.

Italian Greyhound

Another dog that is often overlooked on lists of quiet dog breeds, the greyhound is a lithe, fast racing machine. But it’s also very quiet and withdrawn. Everyone gets the wrong impression where greyhounds are concerned. If you have owned one of these dogs yourself then you will know just how kind and loving they can be. If not, then it’s time that you became acquainted with them, because they really are very quiet and sweet.

Golden Retriever

A very popular dog breed, the Golden Retriever is prized because of its lustrous golden locks and because it is possibly one of the cutest puppies you will ever see. But it’s not just about looks as this breed is also very kind and very quiet. It spends a lot of time lying down, looking sorrowful and getting cuddles. It’s the ultimate lap dog, even if it is a little larger than you might expect for a dog of that description.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small dogs like this are often the nosiest. They have a Napoleon complex of sorts, always looking to make their presence known. However, if they are by themselves or they are with quieter dogs, then they are usually okay. In general, the Cavalier King Charles breed is very quiet, certainly more more so than other small dog breeds and perhaps even more so than other quiet dog breeds on this list.

But we can attest to how noisy these dogs can be if they are with other rowdy dogs, usually bigger dogs. So, keep that in mind.

English Bulldog

You might not expect a dog like this to appear on a list of quiet dog breeds. But picture the English Bulldog for a moment. Picture him going about his usual day and ask yourself, Do you have any image of him barking? It’s hard to imagine because it’s just not a common trait in this dog and not only because their jowls seem to cover their mouth and make any sort of movement difficult.

They are slow, lazy dogs, but ultimately they are very quiet. And that’s a perfectly fitting way to end this list. It may not be the quietest dog, but it is certainly one of them.