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Can Rabbits Eat Celery? (Celery Leaves and Stalks, Dose and Health)

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Can rabbits eat celery? Is this juicy, peppery vegetable as healthy for them as it is for you? Can rabbits eat celery leaves? And if so, how much can they eat? Find out answers to those questions here.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Celery is a great vegetable for your rabbit to chomp down on. They most definitely can eat celery, and they should. It should be included in the rabbit’s diet every now and then. It will help them to grind their teeth down, while giving them something to chomp away on. It is also fresh and juicy; just sweet enough to please them but not sweet enough to give them an overload of sugar.

So, not only can rabbit eat celery, but you should try to give them a stalk or two every few weeks. Hay should still constitute the majority of a rabbit’s diet and this should be followed by pellets, but they need a little fresh veg thrown in there two and this is one of the best vegetables for that.

Celery also contains Vitamin A and can provide other essential nutrients to your bunny. It is also a great way for them to get extra fluid in their diet, which can help with the digestive process and may be especially helpful if your bunny doesn’t usually get enough fluid.

How Much Celery Can a Rabbit Eat?

As we have stressed many times on this site, it is important to give your bunny a balanced diet. They need vegetables every now and then, but you shouldn’t give them too much. You will do more harm than good. You might be tempted to give them a lot of vegetables like celery when their food has run out. It is better than letting them go hungry, right?

Well yes, in some cases. But by changing their diet so drastically you will upset their very sensitive digestive tract and this will cause many more problems than letting them go hungry for a few hours. Instead, just give them a little veg, a little grass, a lot of hay and then wait for the food to arrive.

As for how much celery you can give them in general, just mix it into the handful of veg that you give them one or two times a week. If your bunny has not eaten a lot of veg before, make sure you work it into their diet slowly. Also, remember that baby rabbits are even more sensitive and that they diets need to be very restricted and very carefully managed.

Can Rabbits Eat Celery Leaves?

The answer to can bunnies eat celery is a resounding yes, but what about celery leaves? You probably know that while some root vegetables and fruits are okay, their leaves are not. Does this apply to celery as well?

In this case, rabbits can eat celery leaves. In fact, they are actually very nutritious for your little furry friend. They contain a lot of the vitamins that you can find in the celery stalk. In some cases there are actually more vitamins in the leaf. They may not be as juicy and they may not excite your bunny as much, but they are tasty, they are healthy and they are definitely edible.

Many of you may entertain the idea of eating the stalk yourself and leaving the leaves for your bunny. That’s perfectly okay, but don’t leave the best part out! Make your rabbit love you that little bit more by giving it one of those juicy stalks every now and then.