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Cat Breeds (All Pure Breeds and Colors of Cats and Kittens)

Breeds of Cat

Cat breeds don’t get the attention that breeds of dog do. It seems there is much more interest in the later than the former and that’s no doubt down to the sheer variety that different dogs offer in terms of temperament, size and may other defining factors. But there is also a lot of variety with cats, providing you know what you’re looking for.

And to make sure you do, we created this page, covering breeds of cat and leading to a wealth of additional info found here on the Can Pets Eat website.

Kitten Breeds

Ever wondered what the cutest kittens were? Well, it’s all very subjective and all kittens are cute by default, but there are some that stand out a little more than others. We discussed the cutest small cats on our Small Cat Breeds page, but here are a few cute little kittens to get you awing:

3. Somali

Small, ferocious and complete with a wild, killer coat, this is a kitten breed that probably wouldn’t hurt a fly and has a face that could melt ice cream.

2. Siberian

Big and fluffy, this is an uber-cute cat from kitten to adulthood. It’s a longhair cat that can be a little mischievous, but how can you say no to such a cute face?

1. British Shorthair

This grey/blue cuddly cutey is a very common breed and is therefore widely available, but it’s still expensive. They have a big-head small-face thing going on and it makes them incredibly adorable.

Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds

Can Pets Eat was created to offer pet owners a wealth of advice on their favorite furry friends. We know what it’s like to be worried when you find that your dog or cat has just eaten the contents of your plate when you turned your back. We know the panic you feel as you wonder whether anything on that plate was unhealthy and we know the search queries that follows.

CPE was created to answer those questions and that’s why you will find so many pages like Can Cats Eat Grapes. But there was a limit to how many pages we could do on that subject, simply because there’s only so many foodstuffs out there!

So, we decided to branch out and discuss a little more. One way we did that was to create pages that discussed certain breeds of dog and breeds of cat. The former is what we will deal with here. If you have landed on this page then it means that you found it in the menu above and clicked it. If so, then simply hover over that menu item instead and see all of the options that come up. These will take you to individual pages where we discuss all available cat breeds.

In our article on Large Cat Breeds and Rare Cat Breeds we discussed just how varied domestic breeds of cat can be. Not quite as much as dogs, but certainly not uniform either. We suggest you can a look at these to learn more about cat breeds and to find the one that is a good fit for you.

Nurture plays a huge role in developing a cat’s personality, but there are some things you can’t change and in some breeds, those things can include a mischievousness and a wildness. That’s because while tabby cat breeds and many other domestic cat breeds are far removed from their wild and feral ancestors, the same can’t be said for others, such as Bengals.

If you get a cat that isn’t as far removed from wild and feral cats then you will have a harder job keeping it tame. The same goes for adult cats that have been re-homed after spending their life on the streets or generally being scared or humans. You can win their trust eventually, you just won’t be able to remove those traits and those innate characteristics completely.

Different Colors of Cat

Cats come in a wide variety of colors, but they ted to be defined by just a few categories. These include “Solid”, which is used to describe a single color all-over; “Bi-Color” which is used to describe two colors that are evenly spread; and “White”, which, well, speaks for itself really.

There are additional descriptions added to this as well, including “Tuxedo”. This is part of the “Bi-Color” description but is used to describe cat breeds that are black and white, so much so that they look like they are wearing a tux! You also have descriptions like “Harlequin”, which is a mostly white cat with spots of other colors; “Smoke” which is essentially a grey or black cat; and “Tabby”, which is a mixture of many different colors.

The most common of these is Tabby. These are cats that have many different breeds in their line, much like a mutt dog. They is no one defining set of characteristics for these cats because of their mixed line.

Different Temperament of Cat

Cat Breed List

Cats can be playful and mischievous; they can be aggressive and wild; they can be soft and timid. Cats have different temperaments just like any other animal and this isn’t necessarily tied into their breed. There are some traits that you will find in certain pure breeds, but it’s not unusual to find two completely different personalities in the same litter of pure breeds.

One of our writers has personal experience of this. They have two tabby cats that came from the same litter and had exactly the same upbringing. However, they are completely different in nature. Both are loving and not aggressive, but while one is friendly to strangers, very playful and mischievous, the other hides from strangers, is lazy and is obedient.

So, breed and even nurture can’t completely control your cat’s personality. But breed does play a small role and while nurture won’t always make it friendly or obedient, the right care and attention will stop from being aggressive and will ensure you have a loving cat. It really should go without saying, but treat these guys right and they will repay with plenty of loving.