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Pitbull Dog (Temperament, Life Span, Price, Health, Aggression)

Pitbull Dog

There are many fallacies regarding pitbulls, all of which have served to paint a very negative picture about the personality and temperament of this breed. In fact, one of the misconceptions regarding the Pitbull breed is that it’s a breed, because it’s not. The term is used to describe a collection of breeds, including American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They are also seen as aggressive and violent dogs, which is not the case.

As with any other dog, their personalities reflect their training and their upbringing. They can be loving, attentive companions if they are raised as such. At the same time, their strength and their tendency toward aggression has made them popular in the illegal dog fighting fraternities, which is one of the reasons so many negative stories surround them.

Pitbull Dog Temperament

All breeds that fall under this term are strong, agile bundles of energy. They are also incredibly determined. Because of this, Pitbulls are not recommended for young, old or frail owners, who may struggle to control the dog even if they are on a leash. The problems lie more with their enthusiasm and eagerness than any kind of violence, as they are actually very good with people of all ages and generally love humans.

The same can’t always be said for other dogs and animals, including cats and rabbits, but Pitbulls usually get on well with humans. They crave attention from humans, are incredibly affectionate and are always eager to please. They will often seek out strangers for attention and will always quickly form close relationships with their owners.

Where Did Pit Bulls Originate?

Although many of these dogs have the word “American” in their name, all of them began in the United Kingdom, where they were bred as fighting dogs. When animal blood sports were outlawed in the UK these dogs became more common in the United States, where they were used as working dogs during hunts.

They were favored for their closeness to humans and their loyalty, as well as their unmatched ability to bring down small game. Despite the outlawing of animal blood sports in both of these countries, Pit Bulls continued to be used in combat sports and other cruel games, which is why they still have the reputation that they have.

Pit Bull Life Span

Pitbull Lifespan

The American Pit Bull has a somewhat varied life span in that it can live for between 8 and 15 years. If it has access to a good diet and plenty of exercise, and if it receives good care throughout it’s life, then there is no reason why it can’t live beyond 15 years. This is a very good age for any dog, especially a pure breed like this, and it’s testament to the strength of this breed.

The Staffordshire Terrier also has a very good life span. On average it live a little longer than the American Pit Bull, with a life span from 12 to 16 years. Again, with proper care and attention it could extend beyond these years and give you many great memories.

Other breeds that are similar to these two tend to have short lifespans and are riddled with physical issues later in life. Such is the case with the Boxer, which often lives to just 10 years.

Pitbull Dog Facts (That Are Incorrect)

The following are all “facts” that are sometimes quoted about pitbulls, often by people who have never owned this breed of dog and know little about it. The following may apply to some Pitbulls, but the same could be said for all breeds of dog and they are definitely not true as sweeping generalizations, which is how they are often used.

  • False: All Pitbulls are dangerous and will at some point snap. Truth: It’s all about nurture over nature. Trust them well and they’ll be kind and living dogs.
  • False: It’s better to adopt a Pitbull puppy than an adult. Truth: You stand a good chance of developing a loving relationship with either.
  • False: A Pitbull that is aggressive to other dogs will be aggressive to humans. Truth: Many dogs will act aggressive to other dogs and this does not reflect how they act around humans.

Pitbull Dogs for Sale

It’s important to know the history of the dog you’re trying to buy, but at the same time, don’t be dismissive of adult Pitbulls if they don’t have a history. You can generally get a very good idea of the nature of an adult dog just by spending some time with it. So, pay attention to the certificates, the breeding history and other basics if buying a puppy, and make sure you spend time with the dog beforehand if rescuing an adult.

Pitbulls may be bought and trained as fighting dogs or guard dogs, only to be discarded when they no longer serve a purpose. These dogs are often abused and can be hard to win over. But they still have a lot of love to give and they should not be overlooked. They deserve a chance just like every other dog.

Pitbull Dog Price

Pitbull Price

A mentioned above, there is no such breed as a “Pitbull”, but rather there are several breeds that fall under this umbrella. As a result, the price of these animals can vary greatly, but they are far from the most expensive dog breed. American Pit Bull Terriers can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands, although you will generally struggle to find a pure bred “Bully Pup” for less than $3,000.

You will find similar prices for other breeds of Pitbull, but beware that there are many mix breeds that look like pure breeds but are not. Just make sure you study the paperwork and only buy from a reputable owner. You should never buy from puppy mills, also known as puppy farms. These often keep dogs in abhorrent conditions and operate purely for profit, with little care for the welfare of the animals.

No animal lover wants to see that and no dog lover should promote that sort of business.

Dogs Similar to Pitbulls

There are many dogs that have similar characteristics to breeds of Pitbull. The Bull Mastiff and English Boxer, which may actually be incorrectly labelled under the Pitbull umbrella by some, are very similar in that they are short, stocky and incredibly strong. Unfortunately, a history of breeding dogs for fighting, as well as working, means that this sort of build is in plenty supply both as pure breeds and mixed breeds.