Can Cats Eat Cheerios?

Can Cats Eat Cheerios?
Cheerios are a timeless cereal that almost everyone has in their pantry. This cereal is easy on the stomach, simple, and altogether a healthy option for a quick and easy breakfast. There’s no disputing that Cheerios are great for humans, but is it safe to let your loveable cats eat Cheerios?

The good news is, yes! Cats can eat Cheerios and they are not toxic to cats at all. Things to keep in mind though, even though Cheerios aren’t toxic, they aren’t exactly a great dietary staple for your cat either. Cheerios don’t give your precious cat all the dietary nutrients they must have, so they aren’t that healthy for your cat to eat regularly.

Can Cats Eat Chocolate Cheerios?

While the regular cheerios aren’t toxic to cats, there are many kinds of cheerio flavors that are. Any kind of chocolate cheerios are poisonous for cats and should never be given to cats. Chocolate is lethal to cats because of an agent is possesses called theobromine, which is present in every kind of chocolate.

Dark chocolate and the unsweetened chocolate used for baking are the most dangerous, and if cats eat chocolate in any form they can develop abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, tremors, and can even die.

Can Cats Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

As mentioned before, cats can eat cheerios on occasion, but can your feline eat Honey Nut Cheerios? Well the consensus seems to be no, because the honey provides too much sugar which isn’t good for your cat. In addition, the nuts have a high fat content that can lead to your cat developing some stomach problems. Too much fat consumption can lead to pancreatitis and too much sugar can lead to diabetes and overweight.

How Much Cheerios Can Cats Eat?

Some people think that it may be beneficial when cats eat cheerios because of the fiber in cheerios. While large amounts of fibrous food aren’t a great idea, moderate amounts may help the cats’ digestion. There are 2 types of fiber, and when worked together they can help with regular and healthy bowel movements.

Soluble fiber prevents dry and hard stool, and insoluble fiber helps prevent loose or watery stool. For example, cats that have struggled with ailments like indigestion, diarrhea and constipation, it may ease their digestive issues by eating some cheerios every now and then, just like they would eat grass when they have an upset stomach. Cats with a good digestive health are less likely to develop a risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

Now keep in mind that letting your cat eat cheerios is okay in moderation but there are also other things to consider when giving cheerios to your feline friend. Cheerios are in fact high in fiber, but they are also considered a carbohydrate. Felines do not have the capability to digest high-carbohydrates well.

So, in other words, letting your cats eat cheerios, which are empty carbohydrates, in large amounts, can give your cat digestive issues like, an upset stomach, diarrhea, or nausea. If your cat experiences any of these symptoms after eating cheerios, seek advice from your vet as soon as possible.